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Watercolor Prints

Learn how to make watercolor prints with this instructional video from Ms. Artful Sassy Studios.


Creating watercolor marble prints is a great way to make your own stationery with limited supplies. You can start with inexpensive paint instead of paying $5 to $6 for an ounce of ink. Colors made for painting glass seem to work best when it comes to making your marbled watercolor prints for stationary.


By dropping small bits of paint into a tub of water, you can create incredible new designs that are fun for making personal greeting cards, scrapbook designs, matting for framing coloring pages, or any type of crafting project your heart desires.


While most paper marbling print tutorials advise you to use shaving cream in your water, this one skips the need for shaving cream while using inexpensive glass enamels from Americana.


Follow along with the video and show us your favorite prints from marbling using glass enamels with water marbling. Theresa even calls this technique, “Theresa’s Jelly Printing with Water.”


From stunning sunset templates to deep forest prints, you’ll get a fun base for any project you want to combine with watercolor prints. The instructions are easy to follow, and you’ll gain creative ideas for making your own prints for your projects.  


A fun and simple project that has amazing results from the mind of Theresa Sims.


This awesome project comes from Theresa Sims - be sure to check out her youtube page. Link is at the bottom.


What you’ll need:


Small tub or bowl

Watercolor paper/Copy paper

Americana gloss enamel

Paintbrushes (various sizes)


Creative Process:


Cut your watercolor paper to the size you want your watercolor prints to be.

Fill your small tub ¾ way with water.

Use clean, dry brushes and dab a bit of Americana gloss enamel on the end.

Start swirling or dabbing into the tub until you have a design that you like.

Carefully take the paper and slide it into the water - then pull it out.


Let dry fully and now you have amazing marbled watercolor prints with a marbling effect that you can use for





Homemade cards


And so many more!


How will you use your watercolor prints?

Whatever you do make sure you make every day a beautiful day and express yourself!





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