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Waterprints Marbling

Watercolor Prints


A fun and simple project that has amazing results from the mind of Theresa Sims.


This awesome project comes from Theresa Sims - be sure to check out her youtube page. Link is at the bottom.


What you’ll need:


Small tub or bowl

Watercolor paper/Copy paper

Americana gloss enamel

Paintbrushes (various sizes)


Creative Process:


Cut your watercolor paper to the size you want your watercolor prints to be.

Fill your small tub ¾ way with water.

Use clean, dry brushes and dab a bit of Americana gloss enamel on the end.

Start swirling or dabbing into the tub until you have a design that you like.

Carefully take the paper and slide it into the water - then pull it out.


Let dry fully and now you have amazing marbled watercolor prints with a marbling effect that you can use for





Homemade cards


And so many more!


How will you use your watercolor prints?

Whatever you do make sure you make every day a beautiful day and express yourself!



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