Meditative Painting

Meditative Painting

Meditative painting is a form of expression through paint to release negative energy and simply let go of whatever you may be seeing as a stressor.

There are no skills necessary to use painting as a therapy. You are simply gathering your emotions to release them on paper. The power of releasing your stress into a physical form and letting go of it can provide amazing results.


Before you begin:


Think about what it is that is stressing you, how it is making you feel and why you need to let go of it. Imagine these stressors as tangible things, something you could hold on to and therefor- release of. Envision yourself picking these things up and tossing them away from you. See in your mind’s eye what it looks like to literally release your stress.

Choose colors that you see while you are imagining your stress as tangible objects. One technique that works well is laying dots of each color on the page. Now, while still wet, take your paint brush and start swirling the colors while you let your emotions guide you in your artistic process.


You will need:


Acrylic paints (in the colors you envisioned your stressors as)

Paint Brushes

Canvas or Cardstock Paper

  • I recommend cardstock paper for this project as it is sturdy enough to hold the acrylic paint without the high cost of canvas. You can buy these in bulk for a much lower cost than canvas.
  • The images will hold up a bit better on canvas, and if you plan on framing your art work you should opt for canvas

A small cup to rinse your brushes

  • Once finished, use a gentle shampoo to wash your brushes to keep them intact
    • Washing immediately lengthens the life of your brushes

A quiet space to relax

  • Turn off all electronics and allow yourself to clear your mind
  • Make sure you have adequate lighting

Now you are ready to let go of your stress. Let the paper take a hold of your emotions and lighten your own load. Simply feel your way through the painting process. When you are able to relieve yourself of unnecessary stress you have been carrying around like a large bag, you can not only put down a heavy weight but also create something beautiful to share. 



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