Create With Musical Inspiration

Let yourself feel you emotions through music and create new ways to express yourself to begin healing. 


Music is a type of expression that is frequently said to move souls. Stimulate, unwind, and generally offer consideration regarding yours by basically putting a pen or pencil to paper and moving it as the musicality directs. Sharp, staccato music may provoke you to draw rough edges or striking lines; gentler rhythms may urge you to draw waves. Instrumental music is by and large a more compelling anxiety buster than music with verses, on the grounds that the psyche is permitted to unwind without diversion. On the off chance that more formalized or limited pictures start to develop, permit it – the purpose of the activity is to take into account creation without desire or restriction.


What will you need?


Choose music that moves you

Often classical or dubstep is the best option here. This allows you to explore your feelings without as much outside context. 


Grab some paper


Think about what you are using as a medium when choosing what paper to use. If you are using pencils any paper can do. If you want to use watercolors you may want to invent in some high quality water color paper. 


Choose your favorite medium (color pencils, acrylic paints, watercolors)


Use something you are most comfortable with so it is easier to find your creative space and express yourself fully. 





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  • Amory (Sunday, August 14 16 08:16 pm EDT)

    We've arirved at the end of the line and I have what I need!

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