Using Art as Therapy

Color Your Therapy


      Therapeutic art has been studied and practiced for many years.  The benefits of using art span from dealing with mental depression to helping a patient recover from brain trauma. Being able to find an outlet to express yourself helps to relieve stress and explore new concepts. The mind is a complicated place and sometimes the only way to heal is to let go of whatever is inside by sharing it with the world.



Unlike in a traditionally classroom setting, art therapy typically focuses on getting what is inside the mind out. When doctors finally took notice to their mental patients often using art as a form of communicating their feelings, they found a way to use it as medicine. While art has been therapeutic since the beginning of time, the benefits of creating art only became realized in the medical world in the late 20th Century.

Expressive art therapy encompasses all things creative such as writing, dancing, and singing and of course drawing and coloring. One way this works is called grounding – by focusing on the expressive art one is able to slow down other stressors. When the stressors are slowed they become easier to process, and to come to a positive solution to problems.


      For mentally disabled patients, the most common art therapy technique used is known as entrainment, or rhythmic synchronization. This can be paired with ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) which are audio cues to the patient to keep them on a rhythm while working on their help. This helps to calm the mind and redirect negative energy to a more positive outcome.


       These effects can all be mimicked in a home setting by allowing yourself time to create. Creating a group setting to share your work with others will help you to express yourself while finding healing and gaining new important friendships. So go, write a poem, color a picture, and sculpt something new! Just make sure you share your new ideas with the world, and help another heal their broken soul along with yours. 

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