Sela Art Oil Based Pencils

I got this great set in the mail about a week ago and I could not be more pleased. The forty-eight beautiful colors blend like magic together and create wonderful depth. Vibrant colors allow for maximum coverage and let your creative juices flow freely.


The canvas rolls up neatly which is a great relief with all of my art supplies that clutter all of my spaces. This neat set rolls right away for easy storage, and keeps my pencils safe from breakage.


The little version of Secret Garden that came with was a great add on. I love freebies and this is the hottest book in the coloring world. Having a miniature version with this compact, travel ready set is great for when I want to color while out and about.


Overall - I highly recommend this set to anyone who wants to try some great oil pencils for the first time. This price is hard to beat for the amazing quality.


View the product description below.


Disclaimer: I received this set at a discount in exchange for my honest review.


Product Description

Awesome Pencils Supplies with Roll UP Washable Canvas Pencil Bag: Enhance your creativity with this adult coloring book "secret garden" free gift!


About 48 Luxury Colored Pencils:You will adore this marvelous Art Colored Pencils crafted with premium quality wood as it lets you draw your imaginative world with fun.

High- Quality Coloring Pencils provide a long-lasting color flow as they are an innovative new approach to the original oil based color pencil lead. It is an ideal gift for artists, adult, students, and children! These best drawing pencils feature a triangular shape allow you to write and draw comfortably Easy to sharpen, lead will not break!!.


About Roll UP Washable Canvas Pencil Bag:This art set come with a stylish carry bag. You can roll up the book inside the roll bag so you can bring with you whenever your family travels as its fit the same sizes as the bag! This canvas carries case is convenient to store up the Professional High Quality 48 standard sized pencils with individual slots for each pencil holding the pencils by the center so you can see all colors. You can also roll up this bag in a cylinder shape with middle buckle on the belt. It is also designed to hang on the hook.


About adult coloring book "secret garden" free gift!

The product comes with amazing "secret garden "coloring book for free! The interactive coloring book enacted with garden and brilliant illustrations. This book is so beautiful as well as inspirational and has an excellent print effect.



* 48 High-Quality 3.0 mm oil based pencil set conformed to European safety standard EN71 1-3 and American safety standard ASTM-D4236.

* Premium Roll UP Washable Canvas Pencil Bag.

* Amazing secret garden adult coloring book free (small version 24 pages).





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