Best Way to Store Gel Pens

Are you looking for the best way to store gel pens before your massive haul of coloring supplies takes over your home? We've put together our favorite ways to organize your gel pens, keeping them out of sight, but let's be honest, coloring is always on your mind. 


1. Gel pen sets that come with plastic carrying cases.


2. Fabric cases for gel pen sets.


3. Tote towers for the gel pen organization.


4. Clear bins for gel pens.


5. Organize gel pen sets by color groups.


6. Keep your white gel pens separate - they'll be used the most when adding highlights to your coloring pages. 



This glitter gel pen set by Nylea comes in its own plastic travel case. Each color also has a refill, stored easily in the case. 

This fabric carrying case from Qian Shan holds up to 202 coloring gel pens or colored pencils, and comes in cute fabric patterns like this fox.

With a tote tower, your coloring supplies are out of the way, and you can store your coloring books right along side of them. 

A clear bin lets you see all of your supplies without digging through totes and pulling all of your coloring supplies out. 

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