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When you want the best quality, these five gel pen sets for sale online are the go-to options. We have compiled the best gel pens for artwork and coloring, alongside reviews from verified customers.

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  • Gel pens for coloring mandalas
  • Gel pens for coloring landscapes
  • And so many more great sets of gel pens….

the most remarkable gel pen sets for coloring artists



Lolliz gel pens     

Never run out of your favorite colors again! Their double set of gel pens offers 2 of each color. An amazing variety of 48 gel pen colors, with a total of 96 pens in total. They glide like magic without the fear of pooling or skipping on your pages. Lolliz has more options than you can think of - from Lolliz 48 packs of gel pens, to their Lolliz gel pens with 100 different colors, you can't go wrong. Try their neon gel pen sets, glitter gel pen sets, and even flesh tones!


Recommended highest by coloring artists around the world. Their sets fly out of stock – act now while they are still available with the best value.


Product Description: When you think of gel pens are you thinking dull, boring and unimaginative uses? Gone are the days gel pens used to come in dark, black or blue ink for the sole purpose of being serious and snooze-inducing. LolliZ introduces a new generation of fancy, color popping gel pens boasting a cocktail of shimmery hues to titillate the artist in each one of us. An array of 96 piece colorful gel pens set, great to sketch, draw, color, doodle, write and outline any art project, scrap book or craft you are creating. The thin precise tip lets your hand glide over the paper to get you the best visual results of your creative outbursts! Check this out! LolliZ 96 piece Gel Pens Set comes in assorted colors and styles. Tidy up fast: they come in a safe and easy storage packaging featuring four neat trays to insert each gel pen in its own individual place. Whether you are a school-age budding artist or a full-fledge professional, take your craft to the next level with confidence and creative style using LolliZ 96 Gel Pen Set.




super doodle gel pens

With 50 amazing color options, this set is a must-have for anyone who is looking to get perfect flesh tones. The earth tones offered in this set allow you to blend for the most amazingly realistic experience in your coloring pages or drawings. Also highly recommended for anyone who loves to create beautiful nature scenes.


Super Doodle Gel Pens make gliding through the page while coloring a breeze, with easy to blend colors. See what people are saying about Super Doodle gel pens reviews. 


Product Description: Wanting to join in the current adult coloring book craze, and wondering what medium to use? Looking for a fun way to add a splash of color to your doodles or Zentangles? Need to embellish your scrapbook pages with some shimmer and glitz? Super Doodle to the rescue! The possibilities are endless with this 50 piece premium gel pen set. There are 13 standard glitter (1.0 mm), 11 neon glitter (1.0 mm), 10 metallic (.8mm), 6 neon (.8mm), 6 classic (.6mm), and 4 earth tones (.6mm). With different shades of brown, you will now be able to complete your nature scenes. So many bold, bright, and vibrant colors to choose from... you can't go wrong! These gel pens are perfect to use for adult coloring, doodling, journaling, greeting cards, decorations, arts & crafts, drawing, writing, sketching, scrapbooking... and so much more! This set would be a great gift idea for artists, kids, teens and adults who love to color! So many great're sure to have fun. Turn your doodles into professional pieces of artwork with these colorful gel pens!





These long-lasting gel pens rank high on the list because the value is remarkable. They offer 40% more ink than other brands. The metallic and glitter pens in this set will make your pages pop out like never before! This remarkable gel pen set comes with a sturdy carrying case that will make organizing your coloring supplies a breeze.


Product Description: The Perfect Set of Gel Pens in Durable Storage Case 

  • We know you're tired of your pens drying out right in the middle of a project that's why these gel pens have at least 40% more ink than most other pens so they LAST LONGER. Others contain 0.27g or 0.33g of ink per pen, we have increased the size of the inner tube and filled it with 0.46g of ink - so when you buy AmazaPens, you'll have them for longer before you need more! 
  • 30 unique colors - We have carefully curated this color selection to ensure a wide range of options with no repeats. 12 Glitter (1mm tip), 7 Flouro Glitter (1mm tip) 6 Metallic (0.8mm), 2 Pastel (0.8mm), 3 Classic (0.6mm) with a soft rubber grip which is great to hold and will let you draw, write, journal or just scribble for hours. 
  • Non Toxic and Acid Free. Perfect for art projects or relaxing with an adult coloring book -safe for both yourself and your children to use!  
  • Great for handcrafted gift cards, invitations, zentangle or simply give the kids some paper, grab yourself a coffee and kick back while they color! When you click the BUY button, you'll be getting a great quality product from a small family company who values your custom!
  • Did you know that coloring is a great way to de-stress? Coloring at any time of day will place you in a balanced mindset and help you transition to work or sleep. With technology taking so much of our time and focus, reconnecting with the simple things we enjoyed as children is a way to be more present and mindful.  So turn off the machines and get coloring!!




artist’s choice

This gel pen set has the widest color selection of any out there! Lots of neon tones and bright reds available – these gel pens are great for mandala coloring and shading with gel pens. So many bright and vibrant colors to explore and discover!


Product Description: Huge 100 Pack of Gel Pens in a variety of colors and styles!




smart color art


With this set you get at least 2 of each color, and more of the most popular colors. Smart Color Art gel pens offer mostly matte colors with 12 colors and 3 of each color for these. The metallic color variety is also amazing with 12 colors and two of each.


Product Description: This product contains 6 different color series which includes glitter, neon, metallic, pastel, standard & swirl.

All eco-friendly material produced, German ink and Swiss tip made, this 100 pcs gel pen is perfectly assembled. 

Same to the name, our 100 pcs gel pen enjoyed plenty of colors that can be used in daily writing, marking and painting. 

Selling poi
nt: Small packaging --- Large capacity, the best choice of gift to friends and children!


Discover new ways to create remarkable new designs and imagery. I challenge you to create something beautiful every day. 


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