Jennifer Prisons - Author Interview

Jennifer Prisons is the compelling author of such works as PH – An
Acronym that Saved my Marriage
 and Adoption – The Society And You. Color Your Therapy had the chance to speak with her about her work. Check out the interview below!


Color Your Therapy: When did you first discover you wanted to write a book?


Jennifer Prisons: When I was volunteering and had the opportunity to make new friends who encouraged me to write. They felt I had the talent even though I had previously felt inadequate



CYT: Can you tell us why you are qualified to write about family dynamics?


JP: I am both a wife and a mother with lots of experience! The experiences of myselfand those around me have inspired me to find a way to overcome the depression and heal the hearts of those around me. I hope my writing can inspire others to find healing. 



CYT: What is your favorite candy?


JP: Definitely chocolate if I am going for a treat, but I am not too big on candy. 



CYT: What is your favorite type of book to read?


JP: I love motivational books, I feel we all need them!  



CYT: Who has been your biggest supporter in your work?


JP: My youngest brother has supported me in my writing and invested himself in my success. 



CYT: Do you have any advice for someone with a story to tell who is not sure where to start?



JP: I say just start writing, you will improve with time. 




I gave both Adoption and PH 5 star reviews for their in depth looks and bonds of family, marriage and children. Click on the book names to purchase your copy today!




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