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Saraya Lyons created a coloring journal that leaves space for daily thoughts while coloring. This book gave way for great journaling adventures and was designed for those who use coloring as a form of healing. Check out Color Your Therapy’s interview and click here to purchase the Daily Coloring Journal by Saraya Lyons.


CYT: What type of art training do you have, or were you self taught?


SL: I have been creating art since I can remember. Art class was always one of my favorites, and I went on to Study Art at Arizona State University and got my Bachelor of Arts degree. So I would say I am a combination of self-taught, University taught, and internet taught lol.


CYT: Who was the most significant influencer who helped move along through publishing your coloring book?


SL: I pretty much figured out how to publish my book myself, but I was inspired by a podcast episode of Side Hustle Nation by Nick Loper about Low Content Publishing. I also listen to Cathy Heller’s Don’t Keep Your Day Job, which inspires me in a more rounded way.


CYT: Who is your coloring book for?


SL: The Daily Coloring Journal is for the person who likes to use coloring as a form of therapy but also likes to capture what their day was like. Whether you want to write or draw in the blank spaces provided, the Daily Coloring Journal creates a frame for you to pour your heart out or list a recipe you found that day. It is open to what you need that day because every day is different.


CYT: When creating new designs to color, do you listen to music?

SL: I usually listen to podcasts like the one I listed above or just draw while watching tv. Most of my inspiration comes straight from my head. Sometimes I find inspiration online as well.


CYT: Do you keep a journal of your thoughts, and if so, how do you think this helps you?


SL: I always want to keep a journal, but I end up going weeks or months without writing. Writing is my day job, so when I’m not there, I don’t want to write more at home. I believe this journal would be helpful for me because there is a limited space that I can write. It gives me a frame to be thoughtful about what I want to remember from each day.


CYT: Do you have any upcoming projects or books your fans should be on the lookout for?


SL: I plan to create a smaller version of the Daily Coloring Journal of just 90 days, and I just published a few other journals as well. These are the Parisian Watercolor Journal which features my watercolors, and the other one is The Conversation Journal which helps track your conversations (prayers) with God. I’m a Christian, and when I talk with God, I like to document what I feel/hear in my heart that He is saying. I also plan to create more books, including some craft/baking art How-To books in the future. Now that I have done it I don’t want to stop lol.


CYT: Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you?

SL: I have a blog called, and though I don’t publish to it often, I would like to start publishing more. I may even begin some online courses for publishing through KDP and making artistic sugar cookies.


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