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‎Friday, ‎December ‎07, ‎2018
Artist Spotlight - Color Your Therapy with Neetika Agarwal

Neetika Agarwal is an amazing artist bringing joy to adults and children who love to color her wondrous works of art. She is attracting a crowd across social media, Etsy and Amazon. Color Your Therapy's own Jessann Hahner had the pleasure of chatting with her Friday morning and getting to see a more in depth look at this artist from India sweeping the world by storm.


JH: Hello! I run a website called Color Your Therapy and I am looking for new artists to feature on my page. Would you be available for me to ask a few questions? I will gladly link your shop to any article/interview I write about you. I just think your art is amazing and would love to share it with the world. Thank you

NA: Hi Jessann, I would love to do that.

JH: Yay! Have you always loved to draw?

NA: Yes, I always had an inclination towards drawing. I was always attracted to line art.

JH: Where did you learn to draw? Did you have any formal training?

NA: I did not have any formal training in drawing. Actually, my mom introduced me to drawing initially and from then ,I am just practicing to hone my skill.

JH: That is amazing, does your mom have a favorite piece of art that you have made?


NA: Like all the moms, she loves everything I make. But I think her favorite is a sketch of a traditional Indian bride that I made when I was in school. It was very detailed one with all the jewelry and flowers and the sequinned work on the dress.

JH: That sounds absolutely beautiful. Do you have a favorite piece you have created?


NA: It is very difficult for me to choose. I love all my drawings equally.

JH: I understand, how long have you been offering your coloring pages on etsy?

NA: It's been just over a year, just about the same time when I published my first coloring book "Floral Fascination". I published it through Amazon and was getting several requests for digital copies. So I decided to give Etsy a try. And from then, I have put  a lot of my work there.

JH: Are your children happy that you get to spend more time with them than if you had a traditional job?

NA: I am a mom to a two and a half year old toddler. He is way too young to understand this. But, he seems happy to have me around whenever he needs me. And I am satisfied that I am able to take care of him the way I want to, and that too, without sacrificing my passion for drawing.

JH: Awesome. Do you have any new projects coming out that you would like to speak about?

NA: I have just got my new book "Christmas Coloring" out. Right now my complete focus is on promoting it and making it a success. This book has 20 beautiful Christmas designs featuring Christmas tree, candles, Christmas ornaments, gingerbread hose, reindeer, snow globe, sweets and all other things that make Christmas and holiday season special.

JH: Thank you so much for your time! 

NA: Thank you for giving me this opportunity !  I would love to see this on your website.



Find her on etsy here


Or click on the photos of her books above to shop on Amazon, which does support Color Your Therapy through affiliate sales.

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