Marco Carestia


I felt like I was really traveling to Kyoto while taking in the scenery in this realistic photo-book. The animals, scenery and people are all in a daily life setting which I enjoy more than a compilation of posed, static art photos. I really liked seeing the wildlife in an urban setting here, it is just not something you get to see where I am from. I kept a smile on my face while taking the scenic route through this amazing book. Set sail for Japan and revel in the nature mixed with urban scenes while you sip your caffeine and enjoy your day! If you want to get a real feel and travel through this beautiful place then this is definitely worth the view. 


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Okinawa Diet - Longevity Secret

This captivating read shows the history of the secrets to longevity that Okinawa citizens know and we can uncover. If you are looking to learn more about their culture, and how to be healthier yourself this book is well worth your time and attention.


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