Lee Edwards - Thottery

If you love coloring and colorful language, Lee Edwards's new coloring book Thottery has just what you need. Thot may have a negative connotation with its origin being “that hoe over there,” but Lee expands over 50 varieties of words and phrases that revolve around this now-iconic phrase. If you’ve thought about purchasing a swear-words coloring book, the mandala-style and other intricate backgrounds of Thottery will have you venting all your frustrations on the page, and having fun with coloring just like you did when you were a kid.

Keep in mind this coloring book is perfect for adults who like colorful language, but not recommended for children. This isn’t your niece's coloring book, keep it to yourself and let all your frustrations spill out on the intricate pages instead of exploding out in profanities in public! 

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