Fahim Nuruddin - Magical Coloring Book of: Cats, Unicorns, and Caticorns

Enter a world of cats, unicorns, and caticorns created by artist Fahim Nuruddin. Fahim drew inspiration for his new coloring book from his three daughters' love of all things, cats and unicorns. Inside, you'll find 50 uniquely magical images that are sure to please any child, or your inner child.


Fahim is new to the coloring book world, but he is bringing the magic of raising wonderful little girls to his artistic gifts to the world. Let's give him a warm welcome by exploring his magical pages with our little ones.


The simple line images in My Magical Coloring Book of Cats, Unicorns, & Caticorns are great for small children practices their motor skills, seniors who like large to color in large designs, and adults who want to connect with their inner child. This is the perfect activity book for grandparents who want to color with their grandchildren.

Released on November 23, 2020, this magical coloring book is available just in time for the holiday shopping season. Make sure you order yours today to have a fun stocking stuffer your children are sure to love!


We here at Color Your Therapy can't wait to see what Fahim Nuruddin has to offer next. What would you like in his next coloring book?


Click the image below to order your copy of My Magical Coloring Book of Cats, Unicorns, & Caticorns



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