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Antonio Gustin has hosted Tony’s Creepy Crawly Zoo for nearly 25 years, since 1994. In his show, he shares his passion with children through entomology, which he says is a “gateway science.” Now, he’s expanded his educational material to bring a love of science to every child. Once children are introduced to scientific concepts, their curious minds naturally want to discover more. In conjunction with The Gateway Science Project, My Science Diary booklet hopes to spark the curiosities of young scientists-to-be around the world.


My Science Diary is the perfectly custom-designed companion booklet for young learners. The guided journal entries introduce you to the tenets of science as well as critical thinking. The booklet was designed by Antonio Gustin, as part of The Gateway Science Project. Get your children asking questions and looking at things critically, just like great minds like Newton, Einstein, and Curie. When children are empowered and excited by science, they lay the pathways to great discoveries.


Questions as simple as “why does electricity affect a compass?” and “why is their mold in my petri dish,” led to breakthroughs that shaped the world of technology and healthcare. Sparking simple curiosity in our children leads to a lifelong passion for learning. “My Science Diary is designed to hone the natural, often insane, curiosity all kids have.”


Get kids excited about science with this comprehensive booklet. Have them take their own notes, color in photos, and draw depictions of their observations in the world. 



Click the link above to get your copy of My Science Diary today and start discovering what your children are capable of discovering.

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